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About Grace Johnson

Forever a Student

Education is the ticket to soar high.

I am a Mount Saint Vincent graduate. I received my dual Bachelor's degree in English and Sociology. Learning never ends and I took the opportunity to grow as an artist. I worked with well known voice actors- Tony  Oliver and Sonny Strait. Additionally, I studied screenwriting with Tal McThenia at Gotham Writers. Pursuing a career in art isn't easy but I'm ready to learn whatever it takes to be successful. 

Logical and Creative

I pride myself on being both a leader and teamplayer.

I value being both analytical and creative. During college I completed a survey research project on "Anime and it's Influences on Individual Art." The project gave me the insight into conducting survey research. I enjoyed studying college students and their relationship to anime. I used Microsoft Excel to analyze the results. Like other media, anime did inspire some of its watchers to create works of their own.

While in college, I co-edited for "The Underground." I collaborated with other editors to publish a professional literary magazine. Not only did I assist with the magazine layout, I had the pleasure to host art festivals and charity runs. Ultimately, "The Underground" provides a creative outlet for faculty and students alike. We edited and voted on submissions ranging from narration, poetry to photography  and traditional art. 

Outside of college, I continue to write to hone my skills in editing and scripting. As an employee, I am dedicated, prompt, and precise. No matter the occupation, I work with others to ensure efficiency and accuracy regarding daily tasks. 

Live, Explore, Create, Inspire

We are the light to inspire others.

Life is a journey and there are many paths to choose. I've worked in a variety of places; Wal-Mart, the Post Office, Kohl's, and a high-end grocery store- Adam's Fairacre Farms. Despite being promoted to Wal-mart's department manager of lady's apparel, I knew that my heart was steered into another direction. I love art and music, and now strive to pursue a career in voice acting or even script writing. As long as I can create and inspire, I will feel fulfilled. Among the arts, I enjoy poetry, narration, pencil drawing, wood burning and voice over. I also have a first degree black belt in Tang Sop Do-a Korean martial art form. Overall, I do commissionwork and provide scripts for voice actors working on demo reels.

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If you are interested in any commissionwork or have further questions, you may reach me by phone or email.

Telephone: 845-260-4837

Email: graciej.leci@gmail

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